Saturday, 30 March 2013

Extremely Bullied #3

A flyer was scurrying its way to him, dragged by the wind despite the paper's unwilling decision to move.
He picked it up and read "Alpha Beta Gamma Radiation wants you; if you'll eat our food, you'll be a member;" it made him giddy with delight, since his belly growled, although he ate an hour ago.
Matthew was a chubby guy of almost twenty years and loved food, so much so that his parents banned him from the house and told him to live on campus, despite living in the same city.
When he knocked on the fraternity's door, a guy came out -a chick was dangling by his neck, caressing his ear and chin- and when he heard that he wants to join, his smile rose and told the woman to go and fetch his colleagues.
Invited in the house, another member came with his meal, something that looked like things put together and burned "I call it the Gammaloaf, and it's only for those willing to join," said the guy that let him in.
Matthew didn't ask what it was made out of, instead he dug right in -without fork or spoon- and ate about half of the four-pound beast before he stopped, took a big breath, stared the guy in the eyes and passed out; five minutes later, he came to and puked all of that garbled, tasteless concoction made out of meat, veggies and a bunch of other stuff that almost poisoned his intestines.

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