Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Extremely bullied #1

Yesterday was John's birthday -13 years, unlucky as some might say- but that only made him merrier and full of life, hopeful that today, Monday, would be a great day at school, a day where he would see things with different eyes.
Although not popular in class and being picked on, he decided to bring a box of chocolates to give to his classmates and all of them took one, however, the box was so big that almost all of it was full. Not knowing what to do with the rest, he left the box on his desk and went out, on break.
Upon his return, John saw his colleagues talk and laugh loud, louder than they did during his birthday song, but it didn't affect him much; he went back to his place and sat down, looking with hungry eyes at the chocolates, as he wanted to taste one since they were bought.
They looked very tasty, but he was sad that the ones with white chocolate were gone, even so, he grabbed a bigger one from the box, put it in his mouth and closed his eyes.
Rummaging through it, the taste was nowhere near as good as he expected, then, as he opened his eyes, he saw their faces, red and black, bursting with laughter, and hearing someone say "Ewww... Johnny, you just ate doggy poo;" the laughter increased and he left in a rush -livid, almost teary eyes- with the faux chocolate still inside.

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