Friday, 20 June 2014

Freedom - For Five Sentence Fiction

Sitting here, on the shore, wondering what it would be like to escape. To go through that hole, or over the fence, and just see the possibilities.
But I don't think I can. My momma says I shouldn't think for myself anymore. If that graffiti caused so many problems, what will my next project do?

For Five Sentence Fiction.


  1. Haha Adrian, nice. If it was me, i would have climbed :)
    Tina from The Sunny Side of Life

  2. nyc one :D :D it made me smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    do sometimes drop by my place as well

  3. Lol, a mischievous spirit!

  4. Good for him/her...always listen to the elders :)

  5. With thinking like that, I'd listen to mom.
    Love the real world feel to it.

  6. I love the many different perspectives on these FFS. Lots of Variety this time around.

  7. He he he, I guess mom knows best. I say this as a mom who has tried her hardest to remove crayon stains from the walls ;)

    Shailaja/The Moving Quill