Monday, 5 May 2014

Jelly treats - for Light and Shade Challenge

Picture by ciscopa on

Teehee. Look at all these sweets. Gummy bears, dinosaurs and worms. At least now I know why dinosaurs are extinct. They’ve been zapped and turned into things my belly will munch later on.
Next we have chocolate beans, some with nuts, some with minty flavor, all tasty. I mash a few and grow me some balls to play with.
Then there are those rings drenched in sugar that give me such a high, they make me think I can fly to the moon.
Yet, those black stuff that look like roaches are last. Yuck. I never understood why people ate those. They make you feel nauseous, they give you headaches. They’re the worst.

Daddy only gave me two dollars, and it’s one dollar for one hundred grams, whatever that is. Maybe I’ll smile at the nice seller lady and she’ll give me more.


  1. A great trip into childhood. I wish I could go back and eat the sweets my nan used to buy me :)


    Ally :)

  2. Sugar high! I want some candy now .

  3. That took me back - great pen-picture of a mindset

  4. I loved the comment about smiling at the lady to get a little extra - some kids just know how things work! Thank you for sharing. LM x

  5. $1.00 doesn't get you much anymore. Hope your character gets her wish. Good job!

  6. I'm so glad I have a box of Whitman's Samplers to enjoy while I read this one! You truly captured that childlike quality. I have 9 grandchildren, and I could picture any one of them pondering over which ones to choose. Good job.

    God bless you,