Sunday, 2 June 2013

The object of desire (poem)

A girl and a boy
were raring to go on a toy,
but this one was for her
and for her only.

He could not understand
why the thing was for her alone.
Their romance made them feel as one,
yet the item made him feel...

The boy did not know sufficient words
to express his feelings of immense distress.
For he lamented with utter contempt
because their relationship was now a mess.

The object in question,
long, silvery and pointy,
was sent with dedication
and she stroked it gently.

The boy was mad with envy
because he wanted to feel that
pleasure and excitement, only every
day he spent on the mat
wearing a bright yellow hat
that made him stand out in this century.

Their relationship was tarnished
and all because of one toy.
She teased him on occasion
by wearing it in her pocket.

The boy with no arms was annoyed by that.
She enjoyed writing with the silver crayon.
He sensed her being giddy and went head-on
But she paid no attention to the one with a yellow hat.
For he was her first love, drawn on paper.
Once she stopped, he was but a vapor.

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