Friday, 14 June 2013


Looking over his shoulder, Owen noticed a splendid, slender woman, with fiery red hair. He wanted to see more and turned around. The woman stood there, looking at him, her mouth giving him a big smile and her eyes telling him to come in. The red hair was dangling in the solemn wind that came once every three-four seconds.

Her pale beige dress made her face stand out even more, but something else captivated his attention. Her pearls. 

They were big and round, almost to the point that they were engulfing her neck and leaving marks underneath, yet she didn't care for she played with them, toyed with them in such a way made him think of naughty things.

Then he noticed something else as she rotated the pearls around her neck; attached to them was a green ribbon. Rather small in size compared to the pearls, it made him ponder if it was a reminder.

The cobblestone ground that they were on, that seemed crowded mere seconds ago was now void of other breaths but their own.

He mustered the courage to take one step forward; the woman winked with her perky eye, while continuing to smile and play with the round stones.

After three more steps, they were separated by only one step.

His courage dissipated at the sight of her growing beauty, that seemed to get better with every second.

She licked her lips, then her teeth, then reverted back to the smile.

Owen began sweating, thinking of what might come, but didn't know what to say to start the conversation.

The woman winked with her other eye, then stopped playing with the pearls. She lifted her hand and slapped him hard, then turned around and began walking indignant. Owen's cheek was red and his ego dead.

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