Thursday, 24 April 2014

First day of vacation - for Five Sentence Fiction

"You know what day is it, right?"
"The day when every child starts their summer break."
"How many do you think we can gather this week?"
"If we're lucky, close to fifty."
"No point in wasting time, I'll just go and start the ice-cream van."

Five Sentence Fiction prompt.


  1. I've read your submission several times, while it eventually became clear what you've written has been from the ice cream vendor's POV, it's not clear during the first reading. I also believe you're missing the word "WHAT" in the first sentence. Other than this I liked the image your endeavor shows. I'm now going to the kitchen to get some Breyer's FAT FREE Chocolate Ice Cream

    1. You were right. Good catch.
      Enjoy your ice cream.

  2. A good day for the Ice cream vendor!! :)

  3. Creepy!

    I've been talking to Thomas Marlowe and we are both missing the Trifecta Challenge. One thing led to another and we have decided to set up Light and Shade Challenge where there are prompts twice every week and a chance to share what inspiration strikes.

    We are not trying to be the same as Trifecta. They were awesome and I miss them. We do have some really exciting ideas of our own, though and can't wait to see what happens. It would be great if you could come and join us and see where this journey takes us. Good writers are always welcome. If you have any questions then get in touch either on the Light and Shade Challenge Blog or on the Facebook page. It would be wonderful to hear from you. Lyssa M x